Every experience should be designed to make the user feel accomplished, delighted and wanting to come back for more.

Who designs these experiences?
That’s a Product Designer, that’s someone like me.



Start at the problem, ask who the users are, what context they are living in and what they would need in order to solve their biggest pain points.


Agree on the main problems to solve and start defining the scope of work. Aligning business goals next to the user goals gets everyone on the same page.


Validate quickly, presenting low fidelity approaches alongside the more elaborate. Developing an expertise in the quick and deliverable.


Creating a working version of the design, requires a strong UX gameplan. Working collaboration muscles with developers and communication strategies with stakeholders.

Case Studies

Lean UX Case Study

This case study explores the Lean UX challenge to build enough of a MVP to learn and illuminate the way to product market fit.

Customer Portal Case Study

Enterprise client was having issues communicating to customers the status of their vehicle transport. The goal of this case study was to design a portal that would provide self service updates.

Enterprise App Case Study

Enterprise client needed to solve an existing business problem in a newly formed line of business. The goal of this case study is to design a new app that will automate quick dispatching.

Design Assignment Case Study

Design a new fashion app that delivers clothing tailored to a personal taste (similar to Trunk Club, Bombfell, etc). The goal of this case study is to show how I would engage stakeholders in my design direction.

The first step in building something new is understanding what problem you want to solve, and for whom.